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  • Humane Tech - We are the reason it will get better

    • Tech Ethics

    I attended my first this year and I was blown away. It was a great conference with a mix of talks covering tradition technical and talks with a social or political message. In this article I go into my impressions and what I learn at Webstock in Auckland New Zealand.

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  • Farewell Ōtautahi - New Beginnings

    • Life

    After my first day at the brand new Intergen offices in Wellington I'm reflecting on how much I've changed over the years both professionally and personally. The most important change is how much more connected I feel to Aotearoa, to our people and to my home city of Ōtautahi Christchurch.

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  • Star Trek pioneered the Conversational User Interface

    • A.I.

    Right now there is a lot of buzz around Conversational User Interfaces and all the major players are jumping into some form of voice controlled services focussed on reducing the friction between user's and their devices. Over the years the imagination of science fiction world has I think once again Star Trek has paved the way in showing what would be possible with the ships Computer.

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  • Debugging WordPress with Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

    • vscode
    • Wordpress

    Visual Studio Code(VS Code) is a great text editor that can used to debug Node, C#.NET, TypeScript and thanks to its extensions and marketplace many more! This article will show you how you can debug a Wordpress site using Visual Studio code.

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