My mind is like a moth sometimes - A poem about mindfulness

  • Mindfulness

This a poem I wrote inspired by a talk by long-time meditation teacher Patrick Kearney titled "What is Mindfulness?". I would encourage you to listen to it whatever level of familiarity with meditation or mindfulness you have. It's very approachable, relaxed and entertaining.

He explains how in the Buddhist tradition when we speak about anything relating meditation it all centres around awareness. Awareness is like the light that lights a room. We know there is light, not because we see the the light itself, but because we see the objects in the room appearing out of the apparent darkness. This is how you can think about awareness and as Patrick playfully describes this doesn't take any effort at all. If you are conscious you are already aware. You are already seeing, thinking, smelling, touching... It's not hard work.

Mindfulness is when you turn the attention of awareness onto awareness itself. When you become more aware, of that which you are already aware. Often this is done by focussing on one thing such as the the breath and this is called the "object" of awareness. This poem is about my more recent experiences in glimpsing moments of mindfulness in my day.

My mind is like a moth sometimes
Or is it all of the time?
Fixated on the light so bright
The mind stares straight past the illuminated
Looks right through the moment

My mind is like a moth sometimes
Or is it all of the time?
It used to feel it was all the time
But lately it's been settling down
For I've had glimpses, fleeting and brilliant
Where I take my place with the illuminated
Part of the scene

My mind is like a moth sometimes
But it's not all of the time
I still need to fight to be here
But sometimes I can rest
Just as I am
Right now